Windows Tweaks

Quick Launch Toolbar

One of the things I missed most in Windows 7 that XP was nearly built upon was the Quick Launch toolbar. That line of icons to the right of the Start menu that enabled me to launch applications with a single click instead of rooting around in the Start menu looking for them can be had again...

Right click on an empty place on the taskbar In the context menu, click New Toolbar under the Toolbars menu Paste the following path into the location box:

%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Turn on NumLock at login screen

This requires a registry hack.

Find the path:

HKEY_USERS\.Default\Control Panel\Keyboard

Change the value:


from 2147483648 to 2147483650

Delete a file that Windows says "no longer exists"

Open cmd.exe in administrator mode, then delete the file. You will probably have to use the first characters and the "*" wild card due to this issue often being caused by invalid file names.

Bring back advanced "Window Color and Appearance" window

Right click the desktop and create a new shortcut. Copy and paste this into the target field:

rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl,,5

Firefox Tweaks

Every time Firefox updates, the icons were nearly invisible.

In about:config change the string value of


for 1080p: 1.2 for 4K : 2.6

Praise God! I'm not going blind after all! I can actually see my icons!

Warning! Increment this value by 0.1 and test each new value. I cranked it up to 3.0 and nearly lost the ability to view anything but the menu bar. I had to hit F11 to go to full screen and view the about:config page line by line to change it back. You have been warned.

Firefox for Android - Prevent Hiding of Tabs and Address Bar When Scrolling:

In about:config, set

to false

Stop screen tearing

Again in about:config, set


to true.

Fix corrupted USB drive

(as result from using it as boot drive for installing Linux)

Open a command prompt window

DISKPART>list disk

This will list all disks available to Windows. One listing should match the size of the USB drive you want to repair. Take note of the Disk # displayed for it. (replace # with actual disk number)

DISKPART>select disk #

This will essentially brick the USB drive

DISKPART>create partition primary
DISKPART>format fs=fat32 label=new-volume-label quick

If the drive does not appear as usable by Windows...

DISKPART>assign letter=E

Exit the diskpart program