Saturday May 22, 2021

It's been a hell of a year! Things are finally starting to resemble "normal"...

I've resumed full time at work, problem is, most of our former staff is gone - either fired, couldn't pass the newly implemented DOT physical, or just quit because they found another job. Still others are very likely sitting at home watching the free government hand-outs roll in. When I did my taxes, I found it disgusting that I made more money sitting on my ass this past year than I did busting my ass the previous years! Universal basic income is going to have a strong foothold once this chaos is over. Once everyone has $1,200 a month, guess what minimum rent is going to be? My rent is already close to 3 weeks pay!

Another sad truth is that we Americans have blamed the Chinese and the Mexicans for our lack of jobs for the past 30 years or more. Now that anyone can walk in any door and get a minimum of $15 an hour, nobody wants to work! Before the pandemic we were facing a shortage of people who actually knew how to do stuff: welders, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, machine shop workers... I think I know why. We place far too much value on prestigious jobs like doctors, lawyers and CEOs, while we turn our noses up at manual labor (That's peasant's work!) When I was in high school, the trade school was seen as being for the "stupid" kids who wouldn't graduate otherwise. It was a toxic stigma that follows us and is now haunting our economy!

Wake up people! You don't need a subscription to every streaming service. You don't need a $50,000 vehicle or a multi-million dollar house (mansion?). Greed has poisoned our minds! It is perfectly acceptable - and possible - to live a modest lifestyle and be happy.

Thursday November 19, 2020


Just over 10 years ago (April, 2010), a coworker gave me my cat, which I named Mira. She was estimated to be six or seven months old. At the time, she was unspayed with worms, so I suspect she was born a stray. She was a small black cat with beautiful yellow eyes, and she used to have a tiny patch of white on her lower belly. When she walked with her tail up, it often had this cute curl on the tip.

First Day

When she was young, she had this odd habbit of sitting at the foot of my chair and staring at me while I'm using my computer or watching TV. I thought she just wanted attention, though, she sometimes started to creep me out and I began to wonder if she was plotting my demise. She sometimes ended up lying on her back, with all four legs in the air, and just dozed off like that! She is the first cat I have seen in person to do this.

Legs Up Beautiful Eyes

I would often hear rustling or something hit the floor and I walk into the room, look at her and ask "What are you doin'?" I believe she thought that was her name. And of course, in classic cat fashion, she sat up, wrapped her tail around her paws looked at me and meowed as if to say "I wasn't doing anything."

Her favorite things in the whole world were my laser pointer, a string I tied to an old spoon, any cardboard box she could fit into (I was sometimes surprised what she could fit into!), and a warm patch of sun on the floor. She absolutely HATED car rides, and the vet. She would use the carrier as a litter box just because she was mad at me.

Cardboard Box

Once I had her spayed and dewormed, she blew up like a blimp! She reached 14 pounds. Poor girl was shut up in my small apartment with nothing to do but eat, sleep and look out the window. I often felt sorry for her because I had a full time job that left her alone 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. But she was given to me with the stipulation that if I didn't take her, the shelter would euthanize her. What choice did I have? After I moved to another apartment, things started going downhill. My current apartment is basically cat hell; the noisy neighbors, barking dogs, and the random fire alarm which has a hair trigger (dinner's ready!). She started chewing down her belly hair. Eventually she had a bare belly. She started sleeping in odd places. I'd often find her in the closet across from the bathroom. Sometimes she'd be in the bathroom cabinet. Otherwise, she was healthy, and this went on for a year or two. I didn't think much of it...

I don't know how it happened. Something brought in by new neighbors? New pets with fleas? She's furioulsly scratching to the point of drawing blood. Our illustrious government leaders have all but declared martial law and everything is mostly shut down - including vets. She went from 14 pounds back down to less than she weighed when I first got her in under a month. She lost all her appetite, but was still drinking water. Fleas do this? Nah, I put Frontline on her every month since I first saw the fleas. Diabetes? The dreaded Feline Leukemia? Not all the symptoms match. She had also started really hiding when she slept. I'm really worried at this point. I check on her, try to find her new hiding place. She's so frail. The vets are now open with very limited capacity. I plan on taking her to the vet my next day off work. I come home from work late Wednesday night she's still okay, just okay. I start to go to bet about 2:30am. I find her in the corner of a closet, as I pet her she looks up at me and meows feebily. Poor thing, I'll get you to the vet soon.

I wake up on Thursday morning about 7:30am to go to the bathroom. I wonder how she's doing? I look in the corner of the closet where she was before, she's not there. The other closet, the cabinet... I find her laying in a cardboard box turned on its side. She's not laying in her usual way. I reach down and pet her. She's cold. Limp. Gone. I pick her up and she just hangs limp. It took almost 10 minutes for it to sink in that she died while I was asleep. She died in her favorite place in the whole world - a cardboard box.

My worst fear was that I would come home from work one night and find her dead in some dark corner. God has blessed me that I got to see her one last time and she didn't die alone in an empty apartment.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Updated my website to be compatible with mobile devices. This has been at the bottom of my to-do list for quite a while. It finally looks good on my phone!

Saturday April 18, 2020

Well, the world's gone to Hell in a handbasket. Everybody was expecting a zombie apocolypse and ended up getting a nasty version of pneumonia. And just when you think you have seen the peak of human stupidity, they double down and go all out. Hoarders snapping up toilet paper of all things (seriously?), and masks (proven not to do any good), and our illustrious president has been revealed to be the fraud I always knew he was. And due to his self-righteous ineptitude, most of his supporters (60+ with pre-existing health conditions) are dying by the thousands. He doesn't give a damn about America, he just wants to make himself great.

Enough ranting, I have finally updated my Lego section to include the Millenium Falcon pictures and some quick, unedited pictures of my collection. (zoom out to 50%, those pics are huge!)

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Finally got fed up with the shenanigans from my free web host and shelled out some cash to get stable hosting that won't get shut down just because I link to it on Reddit and "violate their terms of service" for some mysterious reason (most likely exceeding alotted bandwidth.)